Sauer 202 Take Down

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Product Description

The Sauer & Sohn name is synonymous worldwide with the art of gun making. Dedicated to quality and perfection, the company has driven gun production technology forward for the last 250 years and continues to improve its diverse selection of rifles and handguns.

With Sauer & Sohn, hunters and competition shooters are never left unfulfilled; they always find a gun to meet their demanding requirements. Thats because experience, the latest technical know-how, visual appeal and passion are built in to every rifle and handgun produced by Germanys oldest gun manufacturer.

  • Remove or exchange the barrels of your 202 bolt-action rifle quickly and without tools.
  • Disassemble and assemble your rifle within seconds. The point of impact always remains in its exact position. No test-firing is necessary.
  • Barrel fits snugly in the action.
  • 6 bolts connect the fore-end and the action. They can be detached by pressing a button.
  • All connecting parts between barrel and bolt and fore-end and action are metal.
  • Easy changing of barrels within the same caliber group (Medium or Magnum).
  • Even changing of caliber groups from Medium to Magnum or vice versa is possible. Simply exchange barrel, magazine and bolt.
  • Soundless safety in an ergonomically convenient position.
  • Detachable swivels.
  • Two-piece stock with checkering.
  • Highly polished surfaces (polished surfaces in the Select grade).
  • Jewelled bolt (not in the Select grade).
  • Flat, attractively shaped bolt handle (also available with round bolt handle).

– Steel, Magnum
-Direct trigger or set trigger
-Monte Carlo stock with German cheek piece, ebony tips
– Hog-back stock with Bavarian cheek piece, ebony tips – Safari stock in process wigs for women Short wigs < /div>